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JAI SW-2000M-CL-80高灵敏度CMOS线阵工业相机

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JAI SW-2000M-CL-80

JAI Sweep系列大像素尺寸线阵CMOS工业相机:SW-2000M-CL-80
Sweep Series
CMOS line scan camera with 1 x 2048 pixels resolution.
Large 20 µm x 20 µm square pixels.
Maximum scan rate: 80,000 lines per second 80 kHz).
Scalable resolution with ROI: Possible to use the camera with 2048 resolution and any lower resolution e.g. 1024 or 512 pixels.
Two operation modes (Higher Dynamic Range mode and Responsive mode).
Sensor sensitivity extends to NIR light - 1100 nm. (Not limited by the protective glass).
DSNU correction as factory default.
Flat field correction (FFC).
Camera Link Interface (Base Configuration). 8/ 10/12 bits per pixel.
Single, dual, and triple data formats.
ROI and binning modes.
Standard lens mount: F-mount.
Test pattern generator for set-up and troubleshooting.
The SW-2000M-CL-80 is a new CMOS monochrome line scan camera in JAI’s Sweep series. Sweep SW-2000M-CL-80 is equipped with a 1 x 2048 pixels resolution sensor, that combines large high sensitivity pixels (20 µm x 20 µm) and high scan rates up to 80,000 lines/s.

Sweep SW-2000M is the only line scan camera on the market offering large 20 µm x 20 µm pixels. 

With the large 20 µm x 20 µm pixels in Sweep you can...

...scan with less scene light.
...obtain faster scan rates.
...get better signal/noise ratios.
...lower the requirements for lens quality.
...minimize the physical dimension of the vision system.

Here is how...
With a 400 µm2 large photon collection area and a large quantum well capacity, this new line scan camera provides an excellent signal/noise ratio, maximizing the image quality even in line scan applications where providing enough scene light is difficult (due to the physical constraints or limitations in light budget).
The high sensitivity pixels make the Sweep SW-2000M capable of capturing an acceptable exposure at 4 times the speed of a camera with only 10-micron pixels, providing an opportunity to scale down the investment in expensive scene light solutions.
Large pixels provide further advantages by lowering the “Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)” requirements of the camera lens, which means that Sweep SW-2000M has a higher tolerance to “lens blur” and is therefore less dependent on high quality lenses (with high spatial resolution) to obtain the required image quality. 
Also, a 2048-pixel camera with 20 µm pixels can be moved closer to the inspected object (keeping the same Field-of-View) than a 2048  pixel camera with only 10 µm size pixels using the same focal length lens. This means the physical dimension of the vision system can be minimized. Moving closer to the objects being scanned also means that less scene light is needed. This means that inspection systems can be designed with less advanced light thereby lowering the illumination costs.
So, with the new Sweep SW-2000-CL, you can save costs on expensive scene light as well as expensive lenses without compromising the image quality. Also Sweep´s reasonable price point further improves the competitive edge of your total vision system. 

说明: Sweep SW-2000M-CL-80 monochrome line scan camera from JAI

JAI´s new Sweep SW-2000M-CL-80 monochrome line scan camera runs 80,000 lines/s and is equipped with large high sensitivity pixels (20 µm x 20 µm). 
SW-2000M-CL is equipped with an Ethernet port for remote settings, firmware updates and retrieval of documents (manuals etc.) and user software from the camera. An internal web server in the camera makes embedded documents and firmware updates accessible via a standard web browser.
Scalable resolution:
With the “scalable resolution” feature it is possible to choose the range of pixels to be sent out, giving extra user flexibility. The SW-2000 camera can be set as a 2048, 1024 or 512 resolution camera, or any other resolution below 2048 pixels. (NB: The line rate will remain at max 80 kHz even if the camera’s resolution is set to a lower number of pixels).

Two sensor operation modes:
SW-2000M-CL can run in two sensor modes – a higher dynamic range mode and a responsive mode. When set to the higher dynamic range mode the quantum well will be filled up with as many as 360k electrons, providing images with higher signal/noise ratios and higher dynamic range (better image contrast). 

In some applications high image quality is not paramount and the need for strong light is therefore lower. However, to get brighter images with better image contrast also in low light scenes, the camera can be set to the responsive mode. In this mode, the camera is set to a smaller quantum well (60k electrons). This enables the well to fill faster under scarce lighting conditions and provides a higher response on the grey scale. 
The Sweep 2000M line scan camera offers a new competitive camera component to system integrators and OEM companies developing line scan inspection systems to be used in the following areas:
- Electronics component inspection
- Wafer inspection
- Raw material inspection (e.g. wood, food, minerals etc.)
- Sports imaging (finish line)
- Print inspection
- Waste management
- Web applications (paper, plastic etc.) 


JAI Sweep系列大像元尺寸线阵CMOS工业相机-SW-2000M-CL-80

JAI Sweep系列大像元尺寸高灵敏度高速线阵CMOS工业相机
JAI Sweep系列大像元尺寸高灵敏度高速线阵CMOS工业相机
Sweep系列相机是全新的黑白线阵相机,实现了大尺寸、高灵敏度的像素 (像元尺寸为20 µm x 20 µm)与行频最高达65,000/ 80,000行/秒的完美组合。
JAI新推出的Sweep系列的SW-2000M-CL-65/CL-80相机,在搭载了2048像素的线性高速CMOS传感器的基础上,采用了JAI公司独立设计的高灵敏度传感器(像元尺寸为20 µm x 20 µm),是目前工业相机市场上唯一一款搭载了这么大的像元尺寸的线阵相机。
大像元尺寸(20 µm x 20 µm)的线阵相机

Sweep SW-2000M与像元尺寸只有10μm的相机相比(在同样光照条件下),可接收4倍的光子,因此在弱光下也能采集到清晰鲜明的图像。
在同样的光照条件和曝光时间,Sweep相机与像元尺寸只有14 µm x 14µm的相机相比,可以以大约2倍的行频采集图像,与像元尺寸只有10μm x 10μm的相机相比,可以以大约4倍的速度采集图像。
在SW-2000M-CL的传感器上,用于接收光子的感光面可达20 µm x 20 µm = 400 µm2,这与搭载像元尺寸只有10 µm x 10 µm = 100 µm2的传感器的相机相比,拥有大出大约4倍的感光面积。而通常感光面积越大的相机,就拥有比像元尺寸小的相机更大的电位井容量。
由于搭载了大尺寸的像元,所以客户可以不必再去在意相机镜头的MTF(Modulation Transfer Function)性能。换句换说,SW-2000M相机拥有对“镜头模糊”的容忍范围,可以降低为获得更佳画质而不得不对高分辨率的高清镜头的依赖。当一些应用场景需要高清镜头时,如果选择该相机,那么只需配备低价镜头,就能获得鲜明细腻的图像。
在使用聚焦距离相同的镜头的情况下,这款像元尺寸为20 µm、分辨率为2048的相机,与像元尺寸为10 µm、分辨率为2048的相机相比,可以移动(在保持同一视野的前提下)到检测对象更近的位置。这意味着可以实现机器视觉系统中最短的物理距离。离被拍摄物体的距离越近,所需光照就越小,由此可降低在检测系统的照明上所需的成本费用。
基于以上特点,使得这款新的Sweep SW-2000-CL相机可以在确保高清画质的同时,降低镜头及照明方面的高额投资。
Sweep SP-2000M具有极佳的性价比
Sweep – 2000黑白线阵相机可作为系统集成商在机器视觉系统中的一个重要组件,提供新的竞争力。这款相机主要可以应用于下述领域,以支持线阵检测的发展。
- 电子产品检测
- 半导体、印刷电路板的检测
- 原料检测(木材、食品、无机盐等)
- 体育影像 (终点)
- 印刷物检测
- 废物管理
- 非接触式检测(纸张、塑料等)
型号 颜色 传感器 分辨率 像元大小 行频 接口
SW-2000M-CL-65 黑白 JAI CMOS 2048×1 20um 65K Camera Link
SW-2000M-CL-80 黑白 JAI CMOS 2048×1 20um 80K Camera Link
JAI SW-2000M-CL-80_进口CMOS_工业相机_机器视觉商城_论坛_方案_系统_光源_控制器_工业相机_镜头_华视自动化 - 石鑫华机器视觉网